Alternative Systems



Different Septic Tanks


Almost all of you are familiar with the traditional septic system. However, depending on the landscape of the area, the classic field + tank formula may not be a good decision. In today’s article, we will take a close work at some alternative septic tanks and systems.


1. Waterless Systems

If you want to have an eco-friendly septic system in your yard, then a waterless system is probably the way to go. But what is so special about this type of system? It doesn’t use a septic tank, but basically uses your toilet like a compost bin. Many systems have an automated mechanism that sends the waste down in the bin. Others even have the ability of simply incinerating your waste to ash!


2. ATS – Aerobic Treatment Systems

In a nutshell, these systems are mini sewage treatment machines. They are close to the classic septic tanks, but they use more air and oxygen (that’s why they are called aerobic). Those devices can be used either by a single home, or a group of households. The wastewater produced by ATS has higher quality – that is why the drainfield is not required to be very large.


3. Mound Septic Tanks

When there is not enough space for a classic tank and drainfield, a viable option is to start building up. The system is raised above ground, using a special sand fill material. Inside, there is a network of pipes that releases the wastewater in the drainfield, in a controlled manner. Drainage is very important, in order for this type of system to work properly.

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