Cooking a Lot?


Your System may be in Need of Septic Pumping


If you like cooking and you do it rather frequently, then your septic system definitely needs to be cleaned up. Sludge piles up in the system, and it may lead to some very serious problems if it reaches the leach field.


Every system requires a professional septic pumping service every now and then – the frequency depends on the size of your family, the size of your tank, and several other factors. How much you cook and use water are among them – the more you cook, the more the need for septic pumping increases.

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Using Chemicals in Septic Tanks


We have been installing and maintaining septic tanks for many years, and we know that proper maintenance is key to a septic tank’s functionality and longevity. We advise against the use of chemical additives for a variety of reasons. In today’s article, we will explain a few of them, and hopefully show you why additives can be harmful to your septic tanks.


Those products are usually advertised as chemicals that will improve the performance of your septic system and make it more healthy. The truth is that septic systems are designed to work without any additional assistance. The bacteria that lives in them is more than capable of doing the job – no chemical additions will improve the process.


Some products say that they will keep you from having to pump your tank – be especially careful with those. Only pumping can properly clean your tank! Skipping this essential step will only result in problems and costly repairs in the long run.


In the end, pouring some chemicals in your septic tanks is inevitable for any homeowner. We are talking about household cleaning detergents, such as bleach and the likes of it. Those products will not harm your system in any way. We do, however, suggest avoiding the use of antibacterial products, for it may cause problems for the bacteria in your tank.


You can come across some companies that sell ‘’biological’’ additives. They may not cause damage to your system, but be certain that they will not do any good either. Such products are a waste of money.

A properly installed septic system does not require any assistance from additives. Here, at Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC, we know how septic tanks work. If you need help with your system in Orlando, do not hesitate and give us a call today.

The World of Toilet Paper



Avoiding Septic Problems in the Office


If your business office utilizes a septic tank, you should be very careful. Regular maintenance and inspections are a must, in order to keep your system in a good shape. Here are a few additional tips by our reputable septic system service.


1. Grease Traps

If you have a kitchen in your business, make sure you install grease traps where possible. It will catch any grease and stop it from going down the drain. As you probably know, large amounts of grease can create many problems for your plumbing and septic tank.


2. No Chemical Cleaners

If you only buy the cheapest stuff, you will actually end up losing money in the long run. Harsh chemicals such as bleach have the capability to kill the good bacteria in your septic system. As a result of this, you will experience cloggings, backups, and other problems.


3. Post Signs in Bathrooms

If your business offers bathrooms to customers, it’s important to tell them what not to throw in the system. Items like napkins, food, diapers, and paper towels can seriously back up your toilet. Nothing but toilet paper should be washed down the toilet.

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Things You Have to Know About Your Septic System


Knowing This Will Keep Your Septic Tanks Alive and Working for a Long Time


There are some things that every homeowner should know about their septic system. Having that knowledge will help you in troubleshooting, fixing, and maintaining your septic tanks. In today’s article we will share some of the important questions that you need answered, when it comes to your septic system.


The Type of Your System

There are standard systems that only consist of a septic tanks and a drainfield. Of course, there are a number of variations to that concept. If you are not sure what the type of your system is, get in touch with a reputable septic service provider – they will be able to help you out.


Where Exactly Is Your System Situated?

If you don’t know where your septic system is located, you will not be able to protect it from various hazards – and this can turn disastrous. After an inspection, speak with the professional and learn where everything is on your property. The septic tank should be underground, and the drainfield should be somewhere near it.


Is Your System Working as It Should?

Preventative septic maintenance can save you a fortune. Always call upon the services of an experienced professional for such type of work. The worker must make sure that everything is okay with your septic tanks, and that they function normally. If any problems are uncovered, a professional will always suggest the most effective way to proceed.


How to Recognize a Problem with My Septic System?

An undermaintained and damaged septic system can quickly become dangerous to your health. Some common signs of a problem are: sewage and wastewater all over the drainfield; backups in your bathroom or kitchen; and horrendous stench in your yard. If you come across any of these signs, make sure you call a good contractor immediately.

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Cover Safety


Tips From Our Septic System Service


When it comes to septic tanks, safety should always come first. There are many horrible stories about kids falling into septic tanks, unfortunately. Improperly installed metal covers, cracked lids, corrosion – those are some of the reasons why such tragedies happen.


Make sure you check your covers at least twice per season – this is what we, as a professional septic system service, recommend. Once at the start of the season, and once at the very end. During winter, it’s good to wait until the first snow falls, and the freezing wind starts blowing. Such events can greatly increase the damage done to your septic system.


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Alternative Systems



Different Septic Tanks


Almost all of you are familiar with the traditional septic system. However, depending on the landscape of the area, the classic field + tank formula may not be a good decision. In today’s article, we will take a close work at some alternative septic tanks and systems.


1. Waterless Systems

If you want to have an eco-friendly septic system in your yard, then a waterless system is probably the way to go. But what is so special about this type of system? It doesn’t use a septic tank, but basically uses your toilet like a compost bin. Many systems have an automated mechanism that sends the waste down in the bin. Others even have the ability of simply incinerating your waste to ash!


2. ATS – Aerobic Treatment Systems

In a nutshell, these systems are mini sewage treatment machines. They are close to the classic septic tanks, but they use more air and oxygen (that’s why they are called aerobic). Those devices can be used either by a single home, or a group of households. The wastewater produced by ATS has higher quality – that is why the drainfield is not required to be very large.


3. Mound Septic Tanks

When there is not enough space for a classic tank and drainfield, a viable option is to start building up. The system is raised above ground, using a special sand fill material. Inside, there is a network of pipes that releases the wastewater in the drainfield, in a controlled manner. Drainage is very important, in order for this type of system to work properly.

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How Can Filters Help?


When Installed by a Professional Septic System Service


Septic tanks can back up in a variety of situations. Here are a few examples:


– hair from drains

– kitchen oils

– improperly flushed objects


Such an occasion may end up being a huge problem for you and your neighbors. The aforementioned things will make their way to your tank and clog your pipes, thus making the tank overflow.


You can stop this from happening by installing a filter. This can only be done by an experienced septic system service provider. Once you have a filter, it will stop the gunk from entering your system and causing problems.


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Buying a House With a Septic Tank?


What you need to know about septic tanks


You have just discovered the house of your dreams, and found out that it has an installed septic tank? This is a great asset to any home, and should only make your purchase even sweeter. However, you should have a few things in mind before you make the final step. Make sure you check the condition of the tank, in order to avoid unexpected repairs later. All septic tanks should be carefully monitored, or else they might start malfunctioning.


1. Check out the site yourself.


Inspect the area where the tank and drainfield is. Check if the ground is wet or smelly, and look for patches of unusually green grass (this indicates a problem). If you spot areas of subsidence, be extra careful when walking – if the system is collapsing, you might end up falling in!


2. Ask questions about the septic tank


Talk to the current owner, and ask him the following questions:

– How old is the property?

– Where exactly is the septic tank situated?

– Demand some more details about the installation. What is the tank made of, is the setup up to standards, what is the repair history, etc.

– When was the last time the tank was pumped?


3. Hire a professional that specializes in septic tanks for a thorough inspection.


Nothing can beat the expertise of a true professional. Hiring a septic tanks expert will provide you with accurate information about the state of the system. This way you will know whether to make the purchase or not.


If you need a reliable septic tanks expert in Orlando, we are the number one choice. Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC  offers premier inspection, installation, and repair services for the people in the area. We have the skills and expertise to make it right. Give us a call today!


Garbage Disposals and Septic Systems


How to Protect Your Septic Tanks


If you have a garbage disposal, you should know that improper use may cause harm to your septic system. In today’s article, we will give you some helpful tips on how to prevent damage to your septic tanks.


– Make use of your disposal regularly. If you don’t, you will end up with rust and corrosion.


– When you grind food, make sure you use cold water. It will make grease and oils to solidify. This way they can be chopped easily by the garbage disposal.


– After you wash dishes, pour some dish soap into the disposal. Let cold water run through it for about a minute or two.


– Don’t forget to grind hard items every now and then. This way you will create a scouring action that will clean up the garbage disposal’s walls.

If you need more advice on how to better maintain your septic tanks, give us a call. Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC  has been dealing with septic systems in Orlando  for many years.


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