Buying a House With a Septic Tank?


What you need to know about septic tanks


You have just discovered the house of your dreams, and found out that it has an installed septic tank? This is a great asset to any home, and should only make your purchase even sweeter. However, you should have a few things in mind before you make the final step. Make sure you check the condition of the tank, in order to avoid unexpected repairs later. All septic tanks should be carefully monitored, or else they might start malfunctioning.


1. Check out the site yourself.


Inspect the area where the tank and drainfield is. Check if the ground is wet or smelly, and look for patches of unusually green grass (this indicates a problem). If you spot areas of subsidence, be extra careful when walking – if the system is collapsing, you might end up falling in!


2. Ask questions about the septic tank


Talk to the current owner, and ask him the following questions:

– How old is the property?

– Where exactly is the septic tank situated?

– Demand some more details about the installation. What is the tank made of, is the setup up to standards, what is the repair history, etc.

– When was the last time the tank was pumped?


3. Hire a professional that specializes in septic tanks for a thorough inspection.


Nothing can beat the expertise of a true professional. Hiring a septic tanks expert will provide you with accurate information about the state of the system. This way you will know whether to make the purchase or not.


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