How to Unclog Your Septic Tank


Before you require septic tank repair services


You don’t need to dig up your septic tank to perform minor repairs. In fact, unless you are a professional, you can create a very big problem if you try to dig up your system. The damage may wind up costing you thousands of dollars! Plus, the mess in your yard will probably take weeks to clean up. Septic tank repair is best left to professionals.


In this article, we will show you how to unclog your septic tank. However, such tasks are best left to professionals.


1. Find out if there is actual damage to the system

You need to find a professional for this one. They will be able to insert a small camera into your tank, and inspect it properly. Most of the times, the clogging is caused by sludge and waste accumulated over time.


2. Find out if the problem is mechanical

In most cases, lack of bacteria is what causes the problem. Bacteria dissolves and eats up the waste. This way, it will digest the clogging, and make your septic tank functional again. Do not, in any case, pour chemicals in your tank! They will only let the sludge go deeper into the system and cause even more damage.


3. Buy bacteria and use it

There are many dealers that sell bacteria for septic tanks. Remember – get something strong, and always insert a bit more than the recommended dosage. This way the bacteria will do its job and unclog your septic tank successfully.


If, however, the inspection uncovers actual damage to your system, it’s time for professional help. If you reside in Orlando, FL, call us – Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC. We are more than proficient in septic tank repair, and will be able to solve your problem before you know it.