Signs That Your Septic Tanks Needs Pumping


Act quickly, before you need septic tank repair services


There are four main types of septic systems – aerobic, gravity, pressure distribution, and sand filter system. They all have one thing in common – they utilize a septic tank. The tank may be watertight or open, but at one point, it has to be pumped. If you don’t, you risk your tank getting damaged – in this case, only professional septic tank repair services can help you.


You should pump out your tank regularly. In this article, we will show you how to determine whether or not your tank needs pumping.


1. Alarm Signals

Most new septic tanks come equipped with special sensors that are able to read the level of wastewater in the tank. When a certain level is reached, an alarm is sounded. The more advanced systems do not even bother to inform the homeowner – they directly send the information to septic system service provider, and let them know that the tank is full.


2. Bad Smell

Not all septic tanks are equipped with such advanced sensors, however. There are other ways to find out if your tank is full and in need of pumping. One of the most obvious ones is the smell of sewage in your home. One cannot simply miss that. This might also indicate a broken pipe or something else – either way, you will have to call a professional as soon as possible.


3. Overflow

If your septic tank overflows, you will definitely need to get it pumped. Such an event is hard to remain undiscovered – the smell will spread rather quickly. Sadly, there is not much to do if this happens. What you should do is call a professional and hope that there will be no need of septic tank repair after the accidents.


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