Tips for a Safer Septic System


Provided by Experienced Septic System Installers

We have many years of experience in dealing with all kinds of septic systems. Our team of professional septic system installers has seen many cases in which the problem was caused by incautious homeowners. This article will provide you with some helpful tips on how to keep your system safe and fully operational, for many years to come.

Here are the things that you should NEVER do, if you want to keep your septic system well-maintained and functional:

– First of all, you should never flush things like paper towels, rags, sticks or newspapers. They do not dissolve in water, like toilet paper does, and will end up causing a big problem for your system.

– Do not use excessive amounts of cleaning chemicals, that will be flushed into the system.

– You should never allow large, constant volumes of clear water to flow into your system. This kind of thing happens when your toilet is leaking.

– Cars and other vehicles should never drive across or park on your drainfield! If they do, the drainfield may be crushed by their weight. Also, do not plant trees on top of it.

– Avoid using chemical solvents to clean septic tanks or plumbing lines.

– Never flush toxic materials (pesticides, for example) into the system.

– Bulky waste, such as grease, should never be allowed to enter the system.


By following these simple rules, your septic tank will remain problem-free and fully functional for a long time. For such a system to operate normally, it must be installed by a team of licensed, experienced professionals.

If you need the help of seasoned septic system installers in Orlando, FL, make sure you give us a call. Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC will make sure you get the quality service you deserve.