Using Chemicals in Septic Tanks


We have been installing and maintaining septic tanks for many years, and we know that proper maintenance is key to a septic tank’s functionality and longevity. We advise against the use of chemical additives for a variety of reasons. In today’s article, we will explain a few of them, and hopefully show you why additives can be harmful to your septic tanks.


Those products are usually advertised as chemicals that will improve the performance of your septic system and make it more healthy. The truth is that septic systems are designed to work without any additional assistance. The bacteria that lives in them is more than capable of doing the job – no chemical additions will improve the process.


Some products say that they will keep you from having to pump your tank – be especially careful with those. Only pumping can properly clean your tank! Skipping this essential step will only result in problems and costly repairs in the long run.


In the end, pouring some chemicals in your septic tanks is inevitable for any homeowner. We are talking about household cleaning detergents, such as bleach and the likes of it. Those products will not harm your system in any way. We do, however, suggest avoiding the use of antibacterial products, for it may cause problems for the bacteria in your tank.


You can come across some companies that sell ‘’biological’’ additives. They may not cause damage to your system, but be certain that they will not do any good either. Such products are a waste of money.

A properly installed septic system does not require any assistance from additives. Here, at Safari Septic and Home Services, LLC, we know how septic tanks work. If you need help with your system in Orlando, do not hesitate and give us a call today.