Warnings! What to avoid when near septic tanks


What to avoid when near septic tanks

In today’s article we will share with you what you should not do when close to septic tanks. Read carefully, because some of these tips can actually save your life!


1. Never breathe in the fumes!

Sticking your head down the septic system to see what is wrong will be the last mistake you’ll ever make. The fumes are extremely dangerous and you will most likely suffocate. Never enter the system on your own, since the fumes are highly toxic.


2. Never smoke near the cover of the septic tank!

The fumes that are produced by septic tanks are flammable and explosive. If you make the mistake of smoking around them, you will end up blowing up your house, yourself, and whoever is around you.


3. Always contact a professional!

If you think something is wrong with your system, do not attempt to locate the problem by yourself. Only an experienced professional will be able to inspect your system properly and assess the situation.


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